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Violet Cosmos

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Take a load off, make yourself comfy, and let's make the cacophony of the world melt away!

As a former country girl making it in the the big city, I am an alluring balance of reserved and demure, with a mischievous and fiery side that shines just beneath the surface. Nature is spiritual experience for me, and I deeply appreciate the profound sense of connection felt when gazing at a vast night sky, or the simple amusement of rock-hopping across an icy creek (hopefully) without falling in! This quality harmonizes wonderfully with my curiosity, craving for excitement, and hunger for a deeper understanding of the human condition. Who are we, when the curtains are drawn, doors closed, and the spirit and flesh are both very willing?           

I am the girl who always wears her hair up while out, and loves to let it down inside. If you were to see me out sipping coffee or reading a book in the park on a sunny day, you may never think I have the tantalizing interests I do, or that I would say the deliciously cheeky things I do when the mood hits me. You may not believe it, but you dream of it in the evening, under the sheets. 

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