Violet Cosmos

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I am always growing and always learning. Reserved until I choose to bare my soul and the sun itself along with it, you will soon fall under my spell. When you encounter my gentle (unless you wish otherwise) nature, gracious and accepting attitude, and naughty sense of humor that just might catch you by surprise, I will linger in your daydreams until we meet again...


I treasure my independence and sensuality. Those with lack of imagination may consider me a proverbial “good girl gone bad.” In truth, I have always been fascinated by human sexuality and attraction, as well as the intimate workings of my own body. When I realized the antiquated views on sexuality that I had always known were far too constrictive for my views and appetites, I set out on my own quest for understanding. I now see human sexuality as a vast spectrum covering a variety of desires and tastes. The privilege of spending time with you as we celebrate our perspectives on this beautifully nuanced subject is a natural calling for this busty free spirit!


Flowers: Roses, violets, orchids, wildflowers, lillies.


Style influences: Wanderer/hippie, romantic, vintage, goth, scarves, skirts, yoga pants.

Drink: Tea, coffee, red wine, champagne, "girly" cocktails.

Foods: Tasty.

Forms of Payment: Strongly prefer cash, but will accept virtual Visa GCs or Gift Rocket for deposits. 


Turn ons: A sense of humor. Generosity. Shyness. Boldness. A sense of adventure. Intelligence. Appreciation of beauty. Conversations on the nature and innate awkwardness of existence.


Turn offs: Cruelty. Apathy. Possessiveness. 


Books: Anything by Maggie Nelson. Roxane Gay. The Girl with all the Gifts. Bonk. Atlanta Noir. Agatha Christie. Gilliam Flynn. Lies My Teacher Told Me. 


Music: Some of my favorite genres include classic rock, grunge, classical, alternative/indie, psychedelic, rap, industrial, R&B. What are some of your faves? 

Muses: Xena. Pandora. Persephone. Morticia and Wednesday Addams. Lee Geum-ja.     


Hair: Brown/black. Waist-length.

Height: 5'9'

Eyes: Green

Tattoos: None, yet.

Piercings: Ears, so far.

Shoe Size: 9