Violet Cosmos

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I do not discriminate based on gender or orientation, race or ethnicity, religion or lack of, or disability. My only requirements are that you fill out the discreet and unobtrusive booking process as instructed, and that you follow my etiquette expectations.


As a respectful, kind person who enjoys the company of a passionate, sensual companion, you:


  • Will be freshly and thoroughly scrubbed up, teeth brushed, smelling nice, and ready for a great time! 

  • Respect the needs and boundaries of others, and are willing to communicate your own.

  • Understand that nothing negates consent and open communication.

  • Understand and appreciate that you are spending time with a person, not an object.

  • Are at least 21 years of age.

  • Value safer methods, boundaries, and pleasure for all parties involved.

We all have lives and schedules to maintain. Minimum ideal time for booking before appointments is 12 hours, however priority will be given to friends who book at least 24 hours. Thank you for understanding that having the extra time allows me to prepare and focus on truly delivering your best experience! 

Donation should be waiting in an unmarked envelope on a nearby surface. Appointments 3 hours and over must include a meal. Cancellations made 12 hours or less before an appointment require a 25% fee. Please note that incall requests require a deposit of $150, and a minimum of 24 hours' notice. 

1 Hour: 400

90 Minutes: 500

2 Hours: 600

3 Hours: 700

6 Hours: 1500

Overnight (12 Hours): 3000